Our clients have ranged from large corporations to small and medium sized businesses. We have completed many projects for different needs.



Services provided:


The Challenge

Clutterpad is an online project management tool for small and medium sized businesses. We needed to create the full application to be used online which had to be easy to use and intuitive, and which gave users an excellent experience.

The project management system needed to include ways to store ‘to-dos’, contacts, messages, files and some other functionality.

We also had to design a sales site along with a way of teaching new users how to use the application.

Our Solution

We sampled a number of online and offline project management systems and did a detailed analysis about the features and design of each. We conducted market research to find out what small and medium sized enterprises wanted to see in an online project management system.

We then created a blueprint for the application and then started on the development. We designed and developed the full application in an agile way: quick and incremental updates followed by regular feedback from stakeholders.

After completing the application, we went on to design and develop the sales site. We also created some marketing and tutorial videos to complement the application.


We completed the site in a few months and Clutterpad now has thousands of users.

  • Application architecture, design and development.
  • Marketing site design.
  • Logo and stationary design.
  • Creating a new brand.
  • Marketing material.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Advertising.